In Too Deep
2001-11-13 03:25:55 (UTC)

all the insecurity built inside of you.....

i just got this whole new perspective on everything. aaron
just sent me this thing ranus sent him. i feel so bad 4
ranus- but i dont know how 2 help him. hes really
depressed, but i think hes getting help & realizing things
right now...i hope he is. but what he said like showed me
taht i ont have things as bad as i make myself think. like
it makes me think about life and death. i have everything
really good now, but that could all change any minute & i
take things for granted.
also.....on thursday some 17 year old guy was on drugs, he
was at our mall. well aparantly he thought he could fly,
and jumped inside the mall from the 3rd story. He hit the
floor and like exploded. I almost cried when aaron told me
about it. i didnt even no the guy, i dont no who he is, but
it is still so sad. i just keep imagining it and seeing it
in my head. thank god i wasnt there 2 see it. and i wqonder
what was in the guys mind as he was falling ya know. and
what his friends & family & people that saw that must be
going thru. its so horrible. it makes me think about a lot
of things to.
i need 2 learn that life is short, and that anything can
happen at any moment. im having like deep thought hour or
something. im just talking a lot of things over and trying
to make decisions about some things, and like i keep
thinking about regreting stuff. theres some things where u
regret if you do it, but u regret if u dont. things are so
confusing sometimes...i donno, i just wanted 2 get all that

i wont talk about my day cuz nothing good happened atht i
need 2 say, so ill update tomorrow or something...later 4

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