Electric monkey
2001-11-13 03:25:08 (UTC)

11-12-01 [more things done]

got all my tasks done for today.
i did my speech in speech class, and it went really well.
everyone seemed to really like my lil metaphores. it
compared highschool to kangeroo pouches. =P heheh.. i
watched the animal planet safari special on sunday with
graham, and so i meantioned that in the speach as well.
so then stained glass, i soldered the top of my box today,
and im really excited cause it turned out really cool. the
weezer logo rocks!
then.. lemme see... oh yeah, german class. we didnt do
anything today. her let us see our grades, and so far w/o
the final or participation ive got a 103%. haha.
then yearbook went well cause i actually wanted to work,
then remembered i had to sell an ad by tomorrow. as soon
as i got home i called this guy that i thought might want
to buy and ad, and he ended up buying a 1/2 page ad!!!!!
yes! i was pretty happy.. that was a 5 minutes sale right
there. i wish they were all that easy.
then the night kinda sucked, but it was productive. got
LOTS of studying done. geez... for stained glass and
PHYSICS. heheh.. but i think im pretty prepared.
let just say i am, ok? thatll make me feel better.
myia was found, like most of you know. she was locked in a
semi trailer, that had been opened to get something out of,
then closed back... poor lil thing. she was in there for
over 24 hours. heh. my daddy pried her out.
well, off i go. i require sleep. night.