thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-13 03:22:50 (UTC)

Hi there

Well, I know it's been a while since my last entry, but
whatever it's cool. A lot of things have happend since the
last time. I had my first "katy-less" weekend. It was
hard but it's ok now. I spent the weekend with joselin.
It was so great I had so much fun just being with her,
having some "one on one" time if you will, but it was so
great. I had so much fun being with her. I was having an
on going worry with her though, she is going to see her dad
in mexico for thanksgiving, and while she's there she is
going to see the only guy she has ever loved. She told me
I had nothing to worry about, but I guess it's just me
being afraid of getting hurt. But I think I'm less woried
I talked to her about and I know how she feels. So it's
not so bad, and I think I'm better. But I have been having
terrible nightmares. I mean I have had one, but it really
scared me. I was up at 3:00 reading this morning because
of it and after I finished reading I sat in a chair in my
room in the dark, because I was so scared to go to sleep.
I hate that I had the thingy where you dream you wake up
but your still dreaming. AHH it sucked so much ass. I
hope I get some more sleep tonight. I dont know though I
sure as hell hope it. but it's ok cause tonight katy was
sad and Aum and I were able to cheer her up and I feel so
great now that katy is back to normal happy katy. And
tomorrow night we are going to go to katys and chill and
guess what? I get to see JOSELIN! Yay for me!!