Undine Fae
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2001-11-13 03:22:33 (UTC)

pregnant dream

Last nite, I had about 3 dreams that carried one story over
into each dream. Either they were 3 different dreams or
one dream that took very big turns. Well, I am not gonna
go into each of the dreams. But the one story that was
prevalent thru/o each dream was that I was pregnant with
Victor's baby. For the first time in a dream, I saw myself
as I really am...I mean the chubs and all. (Usually, I
look like my ideal self in my dreams...but it's odd that I
finally look like myself except I am pregant). We were at
a park, with rolling green hills (all my family and friends). I
would unconsciously
rub my belly from time to time, and then I would realize
what I did with everyone around. I think a couple adults
may have noticed but never said anything (my mom may have
been one of them). In another sequence, I told
Victor, "I'm still pregnant." We had agreed that I would
abort the baby, but I could not go thru with it. He was
very compassionate and understanding about it. He stood
behind me, and he rubbed my belly from behind. There was
so much love between us...and that is how I knew I looked
as I really do, because there was a close up of Victor
rubbing my bare belly. In another sequence, it was
someone's wedding. The bride and groom were off to the
left side of the auditorium, with a wooden stage in front
of me. There were tables set up for everyone to sit in
front of the stage, except for the couple who were facing
everyone's sides instead of the stage. Victor had gone off
to arrange some surprise. I was on the floor whispering to
Krystle, "I'm pregnant." She was also very supportive and
compassionate about it. I hopped onto the stage to look
for the wonderful man who was the father our unborn child
(that is what was really goin thru my "mind"), and all of a
sudden this male alternative/rock singer started
performing. I was so excited! and I finally saw Victor at
the foot of the stairs, I jumped down into his arms.
Althought this was their wedding, he surprised me by
getting my favorite performer! (I have no clue who it was!
The biggest coincidence (well I don't know if it is a coincidence) is
that Nikki (my lesbian sociology professor) announced to the class
this morning that she is 3 months pregnant...

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