Everything about Everything
2001-11-13 03:04:54 (UTC)

My Weekend............the ups and downs

For the thrid mothering fucking time. I had a good weekend
but it could of been better. D came over and he did'nt
waste any time. Right away he started. Yes Dia we made
love. It was so great. He made love to me so right. Its
like all the emotions make it ten time better. I love this
boy so much. He made me feel so good by telling me how
pretty I looked. and after we made love I looked and him
(my baby) and said to myself he is so handsome and I love
him so much. He layed there so innocent looking. I can't
explian how much I love him. Then after we finished he made
love to me again but this time wihtout intercourse its like
he told my hole body how muched he loved each part. We are
so good together. We still have some unsolved problems that
we threw to the side. I really wish he would talk to me
and let me know how he feels. I do believe that we have
something too gooooood to through away. And not just sex
Dia, we really do have a great relationship, or had one. I
don't like being confused and I wish we would talk soon. I
don't know what we need but I really really want to talk to
him about it. I'm also sorry for getting mad at him on
sunday it's just that I wanted it at night and I sometimes
feel he does'nt do any thing for me. But I can't help but
love him. I guess I'm adickted plus when you try to leave a
girl after taking her viginity and stuff you mate find your
tires flat. Man I love this boy. I would love to talk to
him soooon. He still owes me my full night too. well Dia
check you later.

confused???? I think!!