Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-13 02:51:58 (UTC)

Red ants

Are satan. Are red ants or benadryl worse? The world may
never know...

mummy let me go to boonaducious. It was sooo cool! Its
like, a christian concert. It rawked. Jeff Deo and Dc
Talk and Solomons Wish were awesome. Solomons wish was
really really good!! Like, I think its Danielles cousin...
anyhoo, hes really cool. Sos his girlfriend. They like
all the cool christian bands. Its awesome! Im like, woo
hoo! Ska fans!! And punk fans too. And they like metal.
Im like, dude, you guys are my friends.

We went to the beach at like, midnight, and there were all
these people making out. I wanted to laugh sooo hard, but
i controlled myself. I dont know why, but thats amusing.
Prolly cuz i can see myself doing that. Lol.

We gost Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday morning. All the
guys went and got em. Josh *the cool dude* and clark were
wearing krispy kreme shirts lol. And they waited for a new
batch to be made, and asked for 6 dozen boxes. The girl
laughed and said, no really, how many do you want? They
were like, 6 dozen. We ate all of them too. Lol. I had
5. I almost burst. Lol. Then we went to fort lauderdale
church and it didnt suck. I like that church. then we
came home.

I have another fan now. Lol. I cant say im not loved. Im
not used to this attention though. Its freaking me out. I
used to be unnoticed now im getting thrown in the
spotlight. Im not trying to brag, Im just saying.. im not
used to it and it scares me. Its like, go love my sister.
Everyone loves her more anyways. I have a matt. Thats all
I need. I think Elise likes him. But im not sure. Dude,
it was so funny in the van. We werre like, antagonizing
people with ice. It was really funny.

Oh! And I got a Five Iron Frenzy cd. They dont suck.

Anyhoo, im gunnas go now. I love you matt, and mary, and
will and everyone!