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2001-03-24 04:15:03 (UTC)

Ok, this is my very first..

Ok, this is my very first entry. My name is Kitt, at least
that is what everyone calls me. I don't wanna tell my real
name b/c someone there I know might be reading this.
Everyone knows that I have the coolest life and some people
want to be just like me. NOT! But anyway, I am freezing my
petootie off. I miss my ex, Dennis. He is 19 and a
marine. He used to be such a sweetheart. What happened?
He listened to his friends and forgot about the real self
and demanded things of me that he knew I would never do,
such as sex. He wanted to do it, but I didn't. I don't
believe in sex before marriage. That was just one of the
reasons why I broke up with him. Ok, so maybe it wasn't
that big of a deal but I always felt the pressure even
though it wasn't always necessarily spoken. So the saying
goes "Actions speak louder than words" and well, his
actions were definitely implying sex to me. I guess I felt
the only way out was to break up with him and not talk it
over like some people do. I guess I'm just not normal like
that. I wish things could all be soo simple. I know that
all the choices I make form my future. I better make sure
they are wise ones. Gotta stop thinking metaphorically and
go to bed. Goodnite!

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