Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
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2001-11-13 02:28:50 (UTC)

Life or death?

-fade in a female about 160lbs sits on a full size bed.
Beside sits a trash can the girl starts to gage she lean
over the trash can and more of her dinner come's up-"Great,
just what I need to get sick again"She wips her mouth keep
with a wet towel as the words "I should have never fed
you..."keeps running though her head. She starts to cry
looking down at the boot knife her boyfriend bought him-
self, she chuckles"Smooth Denny"She picks up the knife and
thinks"I wonder" she runs the glishing blade down her arm
then across her inner elbow"Mmmmm"she smiles as the crimons
blood seems to be drawling to the top rapildly she dose the
same to her other arm"Ouch" shaking she reaches over to her
sleeping pills and emty's out halfe the contens in her hand
then picks up her water glass and watches it drop out of
her hand and smash onto the floor"Noo"she manges to say
with a great mount of strugle she lye back onto her bed
images of the family dog limping around as the word "Cancer
is stamped arcoss him anther image of her Bubba flys arcoss
with the dog "Only a Shell"is stamed on her she closes her
eyes and sleep mubbling"Here I come Summerland" -fades back
in to a hopstial room-"Damn it Shannon, why you do it this
time?" a vocie rings out The girl named Shannon looks up
and is met eye to eye of the Godess. Shannon gasped at her
lovelyness"I...I....I want to be here...I want to be as
close as I can to you!" Shannon beg the lovely Godess. The
Godess shakes her head and only sighs and helps Shannon
up"No child! I told you have a mission on that places!"The
Godess warmly cuddles her in a hug of silk"Please no mother
don't seand me back to the place I left behide to be with
you!"Shannon crys softly in her mother's arm"My child take
a few more year and you will be back in my arms once agian
and this time I won't send you back untill you say you are


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