The UnEven Eye
2001-11-13 01:21:10 (UTC)

The Uneven Eye

Lots of people have asked me what it means. How did
you figure that. I think I might tell you all now.
The Uneven Eye is a place where everything is
justified. Where no one gets away with sins committed.
Hell finds you here.
Now how did I find this out. Simple. I been there
many times in my life, paying for what I have done,
and brought people back to be my company.
I have brought people to see my sadness my
damnination my last strive for something stronger!.
Worthless.. I break it.. I'm the last poision that can
kill the strongest snake. Funny eh?
I have a lot to say. So much to say I dun know if I
can get it all out. I can't... I hate it this way. I
walked away so many times.. its funny how many times I
came back. Looking for some one to comfort me.. help me
live again.
Maybe this time after I come back.. I won't be like
this. I could be a new person. Which I doubt. But i won't
be the same. I can never be the same. Every time I die..
a new me is seen. Better or worse than the last. I can't
tell you.
I have killed myself so many times, I'm a new
rainbow never the same. I change with the passing days.
To suit my needs. This is the way life is suppose to me.
Live and Let live.
WHo ever said that was a dork.. a major one. He
didn't have a clue what the heck he was talking about.
I still have a lot to say so bear with me. I may
never be able to say this again. I hope I will be able too.
For those who have looked into the UNEVEN EYE
through the mirror image I create. This what life is
like,in the end all you worked for.. will be for
nothing. All you bleed for will be for the next
weaker generation to succumb.
I gots to say good bye.
Today this very night in which I leave.. I broke
something that is the longest thing I ever had.. I don't
regret it.. she hurt me.. and my "daddy" I won't let
anyone get away with such a crime. I will die and be
eaten by birds first.
Something else surfaced to bear its face. My old
most hated self. My threats. Bleh.. you never want to do
that. I would kill her.. I would take her emotions and
make sure she never had a chance to bring them back. I
will never kill a person, but make it so they wish they
were dead. I have done it many times.
I am a force not to be reckoned with. In the end she
killed my new self.. I wait for a new one to surface.
But I doubt it. i think its over.
I want to be an emotionless shell.. I think this
time my wish was granted.
Hell to you and the living death of twenty.
Lmao! Oh I'm great. Well I think I need to say
bye now. Bye Gumby.. I will forget you.. I know it..
but you wanted it this way.. Mike thank you.. for your
shoves in the right direction. Mickey.. Daddy.. your he
greatest thing that happened to me.. and for the rest
of you. You have made a imprint on this blackened
heart.. on which can not be erased..