Negative One

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2001-11-13 01:12:04 (UTC)

"M" is for METH

I saw M for the first time in 2 months on Friday. Just 4
months ago, she would say, "I don't want to goto this party,
there might be drugs there and I don't wanna get in
trouble." First thing out of her mouth on Friday? "I GET
METH ON MONDAY!!" Crazy girl. C turned her into a speed
demon. And me too. Gave me 3 caffiene pills, which I
obviously could not handle. J says I'm a lightweight. I'm
not though. I can handle everything BUT caffiene. Anyways,
I kinda fear for M. Meth is scary, it'll fuck you up
seriously. I miss the old M, she was all sweet and
innocent. Now it's all drugs with a splash of sex. Am I
jealous? Probably. I miss being the sex kitten. Now most
of my friends have been de-virginized and I'm not special
anymore. *pout* Guess I'll have to find another way to top
them. This should be fun to plan...

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