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2001-11-13 01:11:55 (UTC)


My day was spent getting ready for the week. Tomorrow John
begins day shift and the boys go back to school so I'll have
the house to myself for a few days. I baked an apple pie
and made a double batch of cookies for lunches. The
leftovers from the roast chicken we had for dinner
tonight will become hot chicken sandwiches for dinner
tomorrow, chicken salad sandwiches for lunches and, finally,
on Wednesday morning, I'll use the remainders to make
chicken noodle soup.

Tomorrow is my day in town. I want to go the library to
pick up the books being held on reserve for me and then buy
fabrics to make a jumper or two, a couple of nightgowns, and
some aprons. I'll pre wash the fabric when I get home and
then cut them out on Wednesday while the soup is cooking. I
also want to vacuum, catch up on all the laundry, make lemon
curd, call the doctor to find out about flu shots, mail the
prescriptions in that John picked up at the doctor this
afternoon, cut out some blocks for the Angel sampler quilt
and quilt at least one row of the Millennium Garden quilt
this week. I have a list of appointments I need to set up
so I'll try to do that tomorrow morning before I leave for
Corvallis. Oh, I need to go to the high school too and pick
up Owen's yearbook from last year. A busy week is
shaping up.

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