2001-11-13 00:29:39 (UTC)


today wasn't as bad as the past few days have been. Because
I've gone thru shit like this a couple times before I'm
really starting to develop coping strategies, so this stuff
doesn't bother me for too long. At least, it's not
bothering me right now. I think I could make some new
friends... and the other two of them probably can't cuz few
people have ever really liked them and those that did have
been alienated slowly up till this weekend and now I think
very few people are interested in their company if any at
So I made a big mistake today - we decided we were gonna
try to get to the bottom of the manwhore issue by asking
someone who knows him well... and it ended up backfiring
cuz she was like "who wants to know?" and of course, she
guessed. I turned like, bright fire engine red so that was
not real cool. So odds are she's gonna tell him cuz after
all they're close friends. If I found out someone liked my
close friend I'd tell them of course. So yeah. Life isn't
that great. I mean, there is a very very off chance that it
might turn out good but if the pattern of the past 8 months
carries on, i dont think it will be.
Of course, how she guessed is kind of questionable because
it wasn't me that went and asked her. So Maybe someone
(bitch) said something to him already so everyone knows.
but i don't think that's the case, not yet anyways.