the essence that is me
2001-11-13 00:26:04 (UTC)

whats with today today?

For the entire day i have done nothing! But i am so not ashamed to
have taken a relaxation day. I mean i have been on this computer
since like 8 am this morning and i was only off for maybe an hour or
two. Today is such an amazing start to my week because i finally
talked to Francis and i havent talked to him since new years. he
always could make me smile! It is so strange when someone you hardly
know can change the way you look at things. So many people have been
helping me put my life in perspective. I know i shouldnt live my
life to make other people happy well at least not to sacrifice my
happiness so i wont hurt my friend. Thats just dumb and i need to
stop doing that. I just hate hurting people. My problems are so
insignificant compared to the world.