even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-13 00:04:32 (UTC)

on the back of a photograph

so.. we went by amys ice cream today.. no dice.... they
weren't hiring... so... all that work on the fuckin gbag
for nothing.. and... you knwo what i got out of that? fuck
it makes me mad, it really does.. they gave us free
shakes... the guys were cool, too, which sucks, but...
fucking, i dont; know... it just makes me sad that i
invested so much time into somehting htat iw as so sure of,
and then oh.. they weren't hiring... but at least i porved
it to myself that i could do it, and i did it, i ovecame...
so i guess thats good.. personal voictory i guess, but i
wanted so badly to work there.. and mayeb i didn't, but.. i
was really attached to the idea.. so that sucks... im kind
of really sad..... and then the new plane crash, i dontl
knw oanything baout thta... and this weekend, this weekend
is really getting me down.. cause the people that i oloved
so much, ashley.. i don;t knwo.. like.. is it owrht it to
me? cause, she annoys me alot of the time, liek the things
she does, and her friens, and with opeople liek thta im
like, how can they hang out with nayone? doesn;t everyone
realize how annoying that is? cause, i sure as hell do, and
then, that raises the point, maybe i am like thta./. or
mayeb i wa slike that, or maybe i could have become that..
and i hate it so much, i would never want to be come that,
or ever even have had the option of becoming htat, it just
like.. it scares me an dmakes me sad at the same time, and
then itslike, im not that anymore.. its over for me, you
knwo? like, i shoulld be happy that i didn't turn out liek
that... but maybe i am liek that, an di just dont; knwo
it.. it hink i was kind of a wreck before i went, just in
anticipation of goign and beoing aorun dpeople like that,
and ... i don;t knwo.. and so to come back, not get the
amys... i feel pooish... mayeb i'll just go to sleep..