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2001-11-13 00:01:59 (UTC)

I was raped. Why didnt I run?

My head hurts. every little thing in my body hurts. my
energy is draining. everything is draining. This girl at my
skool raped me and the sad thing is i liked it. Now i think
im becoming gay or something. She basically dragged me into
a room , telling me she wanted to talk to me. I looked at
her and said ok. She shutted the door and looked at me in a
wierd way. I looked at her and froze afraid what she was
going to do next. Thats when she came close to me and
whispered in my ear to be still. I shivered and my body
trembled. I dont know why I didnt ran away or screamed. I stood
there, waiting for her to do something next. She softly
touched me on my arm and pressed her lips onto mine. I
stood there, afraid to run away. afraid that she might hurt
me. Well I'm not going into details but I kept saying
softly " stop... I dont want this" but she kept saying to
me " dont lie. i see it in your eyes" . i dont know why i
ran away. why didnt i? I liked it, but didnt at the same
time. Im confused. I think i gonna go listen to my Korn cd.

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