thoughts right now
2001-11-12 23:45:14 (UTC)


There's a need to be quiet. A need to listen deeply and
The autumnal introspection is here. (Hence, my writing in
this diary, I suppose.)

I feel the pull of inner poetry, but that hardly ever makes
it to the surface. It's time to dive down. Deep within. I
wonder what will rise?

perspective is something I am constantly considering. Why
one idea can mean so much or so little, depending upon
where one stands.

Most of the time I feel I am a novice. I have no illusions
within about "knowing it all". I feel too fragmented in my
understanding of even the most basic ideas of history,
science, geography, politics. I feel at home in language
and literature, but even still, there's too much that I
don't know. I want some sweeping broad strokes to help me
start to put these topics together. Where could these place
markers come from?

I am not even sure what questions to ask. I need focus,
that much is certain. Accomplishing little tasks, making
lists is fine, but where is the real wisdom? From whence
does that come?

I'm reading _The Importance of Being Earnest_ for a reading
some friends and I are putting together. Such beauty and
wit. Oh Oscar, so sensitive and sweet, so caustic and
verbose, so true, so real.

I'm just trying to let the thoughts come, however they may,
and not edit at all.