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2001-11-12 23:07:48 (UTC)

broken finger....

(Happy 16th Kyle)

i smashed my finger in the door..and it hurts really bad..i
think its broke. i just got home from the orthodontist..i
got spacers put in again:-/ uGh! my mom wants me 2 get rid
of my day bed...i just got it? ugh she wants me 2 have this
REALLY NICE BED and shes like buying me all these new
sheets *N* crap..grr~
school sux..we got progress reports 2day. my mom freaked
cuz i have a *B* in biology..geeze she likes thinks that
nething lower than an *A* makes u seem stupid! gah w/e
im gonna probably babysit seth, caleb, and casey this
friday so I can get some $$..then saturday im cleaning up
the house 2 get more $$..cuz i spent a lot this weekend cuz
we went 2 the movies friday and bowling saturday..speaking
of bowling..i had the lowest combined score..so i had 2
drink this nasty crap and i about threw up~!!!!!! it was
sick..they mixed like cherry sundrop, like 10 packs of
sweet-n-low, nacho cheese, slaw, and a bunch of other
REALLLLLLLY nasty junk in there! but ok im closing this

LuV *N* KiSsez,