Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-12 22:47:30 (UTC)

horney?! I wish I were there! Jk JK

hey everyone
sup ?not much here! today was so crazy ! Ahhhh ! Dan came
and visited me in 7th hour and that was great !!! haha !
Cause spencer was asking me about him and I and then Dan
was like right there and I waslike 'eekkkk you came' cause
he told me he was going to visit me but I didn't believe
him ! haha ! then my teacher was talking to him and I and
it was really funny ! then he was walking me outside after
school and we were talking and we were both really hyper
and he was horney as hell cause he brought up the subject
of condoms and some other stuff and I told him how I have
condoms that are flavored that my brother gave me cause he
thought I should have safe sex (anyone who knows me knows i
don't want to have sex till I am married) and yea dand was
like ' and I thought you were this good lil girl ! ' haha !
and I was like ' I am I am ' haha ! I think Chris saw Dan
and I walking outside and hugging !!!! cause he is acting
really odd!!! oops !!! I feel bad !! Oh well he was bound
to found out sooner or later right ?! I just got done
talking to Dan online ! LOL !!! We had a funny convo ! I
will share it with you :LuckyStar61: hey sexy sup ?
Dan182: nothin doin home work so call me at 4:45
Lucky: thats so long away !!!
Lucky: haha
Lucky: 4:30
Lucky: ??? 4:15 ???
Dan182: 4:30
Lucky: kk
Lucky: cool
Lucky: if you get done before that call me !
Dan182: i g2g jack off
Lucky: yea right
Dan182: j/k
Lucky: haha
Dan182: maybe
Lucky: maybe ???
Dan182: maybe i am
Lucky: ummmm right
Lucky: jk
Lucky: hey can tabitha have your aol sn's ??
Lucky: or no
Dan182: no i think i will :)
Dan182: yeah
Lucky: kk
Lucky: have fun !
Dan182: oh u know i will
Lucky: yea
Dan182: yea
Lucky: talk to you later!
Lucky: when your done !
Dan: ok
Lucky: bye
Dan182: I ampretty horney it wont take long
Lucky: haha
Lucky: i wish i could be there
Lucky: jk jk jk !!!!!!
Dan182: oh really?
Lucky: yea
Lucky: you know i am not like that ! I am good girl O:-)
Lucky: haha
Dan182: thats good i guess
Lucky: what do you mean i guess ?
Dan182: i dont mind either way
Lucky: oh you want to kiss me you want to date me love
and hold me
Lucky: lol sorry i am watching that movie
Dan182: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea
Lucky: yea sound good ?
Dan182: oh yea but i g2g :)
Lucky: ok
Lucky: i will call ya in a bit
Dan182: k
Lucky: bye

LoL!! That was so freakin funny !!!!! You kinda had to be
there!!!! but yea ! omg! I am so screwed cause I am so far
behind for my volleyball stuff and tryouts are in 2 days !
ahhhhh !!!!! My mom is calling the school tomorrow !!!! She
is going to find out everything !!!!!! *sigh of reliefe*
but still !!! Yikes!!! and PMS and Volleyball aren't a good
mix!!!Seriously !!!!!!! Spandex and PMS !!!!!! Urg!!
Sometimes I hate being a girl !!!!!!! haha! most of the
time I love it !!!!! hehe !!!! Oh my friend Matt wrote this awesome
story !!!!!! I got to read it today!!!! Its so incredable!!!! OMG
this one paragraph was so amazing !!!! here it is " If you know what
it is to live you'll be alright. Love is only what we come to live.I
once sat in the parking lot of Burger King trying to write the
perfect night never dreaming that reality could be more the words on
paper. You are more then I could ever have words to say. . . "
Ahhhh !!!!! Isn't that so cool !!!! His story is called " I wrote
this with you in mind" !!!! Omg its so awesome ! He should most
definately get it published!! Seriously !!!!!!!! He is an amazing
writter and guitarist!!!! He plays and sings and writes all his own
music!!! omg he is such a cool guy ! only he is a senior !! he goes
to my church !! wow !! I am so blown away by his story !!!!! Ok well
I gotta bounce!
I will write the quote later