AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2001-11-12 22:38:08 (UTC)

DyCks aN Ps2...nice combo

Ok, it's about 5:30. I finished my history PEDLIGS.
Today...a plane crashed over New York, and the people
involved, that must have been horrible. But as bad as
things are, I can't help but feel proud of myself today. I
told Caitlyn and Kristen in history at our little exclusive
table that I liked Brad. 'Cuz we had a sub today and subs
dont do much in AP classes, so we just did a worksheet and
then I did my french hw for the next period, and then we
were sitting there watching Cait finish some english
assignment, and I asked her for her dj's #, and then I
brought up the Brad thing, because Brad is in that class.
They both like freaked out and couldnt stop smiling and
telling me I should go over to him and talk to him cuz he
was sitting all alone looking bored. But everytime I tried
to get the stomach would hurt and my head
would swirl, so I couldnt do it. And then finally I just
sucked it all up, and walked over there and started talking
to him....about the four day weekend, flu shots...(haha),
english class, and basketball. He is so cute.

Today I saw Matt Sharpe. It doesn't bother me anymore, it's
amazing. I can look at him and not feel like crying. I
think it is safe to say now(finally) that I no longer love
Matt? I hope that is true, because if not everything I am
living is a lie.

Boys are so dumb, I don't get it. Why can't they just get
over their goddamn pride and not think with their dicks for
once? Everyone is telling me all the situations they are
in, and all the guys seem like braindead video gaming

Today Joe Neglia came back to school. Walking around the
halls in the morning, me and Marisa and Amanda saw him, and
we were turning a corner, and as soon as we saw him, I was
in the middle of a detailed convo, with hand gestures, and
I just stopped and we stared at him with wide eyes, and
none of us knows why.

Well that's all for now. CATCH YA LATER PARTY PEOPLEZ

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