Same Drug
2001-11-12 21:47:47 (UTC)

i dont know what it is im feeling, i dont know if you are enough

ive bn back from work for a while, it was boring. i feel
really down for no reason. lol i actually feel like im in
that song, "he likes to kiss i'd rather fuck, and all his
friends think im a shmuck"

i feel like i look stoopid to everyone, i dont actually
have many friends. im totally ovelooked in every part of
life, even tho i am the loudest and most obnoctious. it
does me more harm than good. maybe if im quiet more ppl
will like me, but then the ones that already do will stop.
im sitting on msn and no1 is talking to me! oh well, i
guess atention seeking doesnt work.

i feel weird about andy today. dunno why... there seems
sumfin missin between us. i still love him as much as ever.
(i think)...