Full of Secrets
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2001-11-12 21:42:24 (UTC)


Well I didn't have school today, because of Veterans day.
My mom got me out of bed though at nine to see if I wanted
to go 'run errands' with her. I decided I would, I needed
to buy some lipgloss!! I decided to try something else
besides Lip Smakers, bad decicion. I got some kind of
red/white stuff that turned out to be a shiney pink! and it
looks HORRABLE!! But you know live and learn (then get
Luves lol j/k) I haven't really been feeling too well
today. My stomach has been hurting :S, and I think Will
just blocked me. I don't know why he would but I'm too
tired to care anyway. I probably should be reading my
mystery novel. Maybe I should go do that, ya I think I
will. I'll be back later tell then...

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