Reality Bites
2001-11-12 21:34:16 (UTC)

Rain Rain Go Away

It's wierd how the weather puts people in different moods.
It's raining here for the first time since April..wait
nevermind, it rained a month ago, but that was for like an
hour, this has been going on for a couple days. I sorta
like it, and I sorta don't...I don't know what it is, but I
don't feel like going out. I'm tierd, so I don't think I'm
going to, at least not for awhile.

Today Carli has school. Haha. I called her at like 12:00,
and she was in class I guess lol. She called me back at her
lunch while I was watching General Hospital. She couldn't
find Brad, so that sucked cause he's cute and I wanted to
talk to him. I should call him and I almost did cause he
gave me his number and told me to use it sometime, but I
guess I just want to hang out with him a couple more times
and then I'll call him. He's like a challenge to me cause
ok at first I acted all hyper and nuts around him cause I
was with Carli and Em and everyone so of course ya know,
we're crazy, and he's sorta serious, so he was annoyed by
me and wrote me off as a ditz...but then I started chatting
w/ him online and stuff and we had a couple great convo's
and now we talk like every day, plus he's very school
oriented so I'm trying to get him away from that and little
by little it's working. He's really cute, in a band, smart,
polite...and his serious side my friends think would be
good for me. lol So we'll see what happens with that..

Kate slept over last night. We were on the phone all night
with different random people who called, and then we
watched movies and went online til like 2. Jesse woke us up
at like 12...haha I guess my cousin let him in, cause he
walked into my room and he's like GIRRRLSS! I was
like..."Kate, please tell me that's NOT Jesse" And she
started laughing tons and he came over and jumped on my bed
after stepping on her on the floor and he's like "Wake
uppp! It's 12!!" I was like.. "Get out of here Jes! I just
woke up! Look at me!" and he smiles and like puckers up and
leans in and I like kicked him and started laughing. haha
good times. I'm gonna go try and find some food that isnt
greasy,filled with fat, or chalked full of calories...I bet
I'll just have to wait til the rain lets up so i can walk
to the market and get some fruit or something.~xoxo~