Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-12 21:23:13 (UTC)

Ranting....letting yourself go..........

This journal thing is starting to take on a life of its
own. That's okay, though, cuz I like to write anyways.
Saw Shrek a few minutes, what a hilarious
movie. The singing and dancing were especially good at the
end....nothing like ending a show on a high note--hee-ha!

Today is a holiday here in America, so all the government
offices are closed, and I seem to run my tasks on the same
schedule as the gov'ment anyways. There are a few job
opportunities listed in the Sunday paper that make it look
like this area isn't totally dead, but they look like that
they may be positions for currently working personnel with
active security clearances and indepth knowledge of this or
that. Unlike what I have, I should purport, but hey, I
could get lucky. My "job" now is a real ego-shrinker,
since I don't get to wow anyone with my intellect--I do one
thing, and one thing only, and get paid 8 dollars an hour
for it. The schedule is varied, and is not consistent or
guaranteed. You may ask yourself, why the hell can't he
get another job??? Reason.....that's all there is out here
in this shitty little hole in the ground, but whatever, a
job, in my case, is just to support my family and all that
they may do. Priorities come into play when you have
several things that are upon you. You may have God,
children, family, wants, needs, desires, duties, etc.,
etc., etc... What should come first? The well-being of
your family? Your relationship with God (from my wife's
point of view)? Your interest and desire in resurrecting
your career? Keeping your children from destroying your
home? Pleasing your wife when she's on you about being on
the screwy computer when she's sitting behind you on the
sofa waiting for you to help her clean up house?????? You
tell me man...

...But I saw her I'm a believer....dunh dunh
dunh da dunh.....