Undine Fae
2001-11-12 20:59:44 (UTC)

wanting fae thru dream

Last nite...as I feel alseep, all I could think of was
seeing fae. I know that people can visit the
Dreamscape/astral plane/etc in their dreams...w/o even
knowing it at times. I wished will all that I am that I
could visit there and see a fae and remember it. Everytime
I woke up, I woke up thinking of fae and wanting to see
one/them. I think it worked. I don't remember much, but I
do remember seeing this figure cloaked in colors...the
colors were flowing of this figure that was just floating
there. I think the figure reached out to me. It was
beautiful and...magical (of course). That is all i
remember, but I think that was a faery...I have to share
this with Victor. He won't think I am crazy.

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