Squeeb's world
2001-11-12 20:39:52 (UTC)

He makes my day...

Ok, so I watched CNN and a plane crashed into some houses in
Queens, NY. So far it's not known why. Poor NYC! So then I
called my placement and did my agency report and then... I
went online. Big surprise huh? But who was on? My baby! So I
was all like "Should I wait for him to talk to ME?" but I'm
impatient and need to talk to him so I go ahead and start
the conversation. He'd just gotten back from the gym- nice
mental picture THAT started. And then we were talking about
the plane crashing and he said how it wouldn't deterr him
from getting on a plane and I said it would definitely stop
me so he was bugging me about how big of a chicken I am.
He's so cute. So I told him that I could take him on anyday
of the week and he said he'd like to see me try. LOL. Then
we got started on how old I was and he was making fun of me
again. It was nice to talk to him again but at the same time
I'm worried that he's going to think I'm bugging him or
something. What if he gets sick of me? Does that make me
some sort of Internet stalker or something? nah. HE'S the
one who added me to his friends' list. I'm just paranoid. I
just like talking to him. It makes me smile. You know how
much I missed him. I still DO miss him but at least this
makes it somewhat bareable. Anyways gotta run to class now.
I'm at school in the lab.

Current mood: tired
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