my mind is overflowing with crap!
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2001-11-12 20:27:32 (UTC)

Yeah only 5 more days until friday

Today was great for only one reason, I'm going to a dance
with Karen on friday...danses usually turn out pretty gay.
but i think it will just be great. She's going with her
new "bf" dare i call him that, and all his friends. Should
prove to be interesting anyway. New boys new place..OH
I finished my Manuscript on time too it only took me 9
hours i have to study for my math test on
Wed. Because, at this very moment there is a big chance
that i will fail. I want to go watch my brothers hockey
game tonight. and tomorrow I HAVE to go to watch the 3's
game with shan and sarah. They're playing S.P. and Russel
is on that team. That's the guy I went out on a blind date
with and he never called me back ...GAY! so i have to go
watch him suck. ha ha ha haha
Yeah i'm kinda rude sometimes but who isn't?
Today was an alright day except i think i'm coming done
with a cold...I better start popping the pills so i'll be
in good health to go get my danse on. It's just great to
have plans so early in the gives me something to
look forward to :)