Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-11-12 18:53:47 (UTC)

Ohh, ^sigh^

Okay today I was supposed to talk to Darren, and possibly
hang out with him, but he hasnt called, unless he is
calling now or called when my mom was on-line earlier, but
didnt leave a message, though that pretty much the only way
to get ahole of me when my mom is home.

anyways, i am still looking for that perfect dress. Dont
think i am changing and acctually starting to care about
what kind of clothes i wear, but a semi-formal dress is
needed, and for some odd reason, i want to feel and be
pretty for one, possibly 2 nights. I am trying to get ahold
of David, my David, so we can go shopping together, because
he is great at picking out clothes for people, maybe he can
find a decent dress, that isnt pink, or holding some other
horrifing feature, besides my in it! Now I feel stupid,
Vicki, the person who could care less about what others
think and about what she wears, is trying to feel pretty!
^smacks forehead^ damn how stupid is that!?

maybe i will call patty and we can hang out, we could dye
her hair! I gotta find something to do with my hair!
^smacks head again^ changing subject...

okay, well i should clean my room looking for the shoes i
need to wear, or not, for the concert...

well i am going to go for now, there was some point of
this, buit i think i have lost it, ta for now everyone!

Vicki E.