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Shitty Life Of A Teen
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2001-11-12 18:44:13 (UTC)

been awhile

alright so its been awhile sence ive writein in here, yeahi
know. another plain crased not to long ago, with 255 people
on it. man when is this war going to end. GOOD NEWS that
thing my mom had, well she was in the 4th stage of it and
well she is getting better, the dr. said he never seen
anyone with get rid of it. man last night dad woke up
saying that someone was going to grab his sole and he felt
weried. ok so i cant spell ive only been up for the last
three days. yet again i cant sleep. nothing to new. i fell
like shit. everything has been going wrong. bev and don got
kicked out of there house and so star and amanda is liveing
with us and star keeps getting pissed at me cause she wants
me to forget all of what she said before and i wont. im
talking to a guy i meet online, he is a nice guy from what
i knwo i just dont know if i can trust him. i had some more
dreams about this guy again, why is he comeing back??
everytime i see something new, i seen his eyes, hard to
explain what they looked like, eyes i guess. but its odd, i
never had these dreams before. what are they??? what do
they mean?? i havent heard any voices yet, only once in
awhile and its agirl, a older girl. i dont know what this
is supposed to mean or what the hell they want. maybe im
just going crazy. im so fucking tired right now. if i went
a lay down i would wake up about 10 times in a hour and
sleep like shit, if i even went to sleep. my hair is now
blue, i used kool aid, works better and a lot chepper i
tell you that, and if you want it out just use toohpaste.
well im going to go find osomething for lunch, bye

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