Rach's thoughts
2001-11-12 18:35:35 (UTC)


Ok I have 5 mins to explan a weenend of stuff to you.
Friday night at Teviot was fun, all went wonderfuly and
everyone loved my earmuffs.
Saturday Judiths pot luck supper was wonderful and the food
was delisious. The went to T's and were ment to go out but
stayed in instead. Was great fun.
Sunday spent morning in Bed then afternoon at a Comittee
meeting, boy is there a lot of work to be done by beltane.
Sunday evening got home and there was no power as the metter
had burnt out, So spent today dealing with Elictritions AND
electric companies.
All is well now and we almost are back to normal.
Have to go as i'm meeting A for dinner.
Love and Light