2001-11-12 18:35:20 (UTC)

I Wont Let YOU Go!!! I Can't

Well sorry I haven't written in here for a while Ive had a
lot of things on my mind. I'm so sad because Shane broke up
with me Tuesday after 2nd period, I LOVE HIM and I just
can't believe he's gone. But it was last week and guess
what?????????????!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A BRAN NEW WEEK, AND I GOT
A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Im gonna believe and stand on the word
and DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get him back this week. I
cant let him go and Im not gonna lose him without a strong
fight. I wont stop believing that we will be back
together,. because i will not let shane go...... i wont let
you go shane, I can't, I LoVe YoU bAbY AlWaYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!