This is mine
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2001-11-12 18:35:15 (UTC)


i am trying to get into the habit of writing ( or typing) in
this thing all the time. but its only working bc i am so
bored shitless. well ne ways, what am i writing about?
nothing really is going on. i want it to snow. COME ON SNOW
DAMNIT! i am eating vanilla puding. i love vanilla pudding!
and i am listenin to the radio, one minute man by missy
elliot and i think ludacris.w/e.i think i feel sick. i
shouldnt go to school tomorrow. i am here today bc there was
no school bc of some holiday.i should be doin my hwk but i am
instead doin this. its due in less than 17 hours. sounds like
a lot of time but it aint.

17 hours to go
-9 to sleep
-1 to get ready in the morning
-1 for shower & gettin ready for bed
-1 for lunch & dinner
-1 for Buffy
4 hours to do hwk

well i guess that means i g2g! aight bye yall

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