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2001-03-23 22:23:43 (UTC)

I just took an online..

I just took an online personality this really me?


Hey, [name], you're a Chosen One!

Wherever you go, you leave a trail of rose petals in your
wake. You may even have been Gandhi in a former life. Warm,
giving, knowing, and patient, people try to get mad at you,
but they feel terrible about it later. As a child, you
easily could have convinced your entire class to stage a
sit-in against the math teacher, but you're too sweet.
Perky and armed with tons of self-confidence, you're not
afraid to actively pursue your goals and dreams.

As if all that weren't enough, you pretty much set the
standard for emotional health. You practically ooze
positive feelings and energy. You don't worry about minor
faults but recognize both your strengths and weaknesses.
Your generally upbeat mood means it takes a lot to really
bring you down. And you're no fair-weather friend. You care
about people, and you see them through the good times and

At work, you're very reliable and responsible. You bring in
baked goods for your co-workers and always return phone
calls (even to telemarketers). You'd be a great person in
an emergency. Plus, you're really excited about your work
(go, team!), and your personal commitment to finishing what
you start means you're a great leader. So get out there and
do the world some good!

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