2001-11-12 18:16:12 (UTC)

*november 12 - party*

my party was saturday, everyone seemed to have had a good
time. um.. i got the good charlotte cd!! jeremy wanted to
play spin the bottle so all the 7th graders, and jel
played. i played a little, kissed ugly jason on the cheek
but it got kind of lame.

i think imna try to set briana up w/ ricky, hed really like
her. and...oh yeh anthony couldnt come (surprise surprise..)
i shouldve expected that! billy and jamey dint come either,
ditched me for the movies... so basically the only guys who
came (bbesides the seventh graders) were andy and jon.
which is ok. but i still wish that anthony was there. and i
cant see him today either (i got the day off) because, as i
said before. he is forever grounded.

this pda thing is starting to suck, i wish i could see him
besides at school

well gotta go, andy and jon are over.

*dropkick murphys - sing loud, sing proud*

....oh yeh....and i think ive (finally) given up on kyle....