What's up now?
2001-11-12 18:05:04 (UTC)

Only 3 weeks left! Can I make it!?

I got some of the best news yesterday!!! Brian is coming
to visit Thursday!!! Thats like the light at the end of
the tunnel :) If I can make it through the week, and work
really hard, he will be the treat I get for all of my hard
work :) yea!!! I'm excited, to say the least! Today is
my music test...I'm kinda scared, I need to pass the
class...I've been studying a lot, and I think I'm going to
do okay...I really need to do good :) pass, thats it!
Last night I got into a little fight with a boy at the
desk...I think I hate him...ahh well, it doesnt matter!!
That was yesterday...Brian has his 3rd interview thing with
this job...I really hope he gets it :) It looks like he
will :) SO thats GREAT!!! I'll be soo happy for him :)
yea!!! Alright enough of of that, I have to study...