Lost Slut
2001-11-12 17:55:29 (UTC)


my mistress is driving me nutts..she makes me soo minde is turning into putty..i have these dreams
that are not very manly in contents..she is changinging my
mind set..i no longer look at women the same way..instead
of looking to see if they have a nice ass or a nice rack..i
find myself looking at what they are they are god sakes i'm noticing shoes..this is
not who i was..and think someday very soon i will be moving
in with my mistress..think how much i will be changed mistress has found a local group of dom's and
sub' that was an area that i had not counted
was one thing to go in public to be limitly humiliated..but
now i will be in front of a group..that will know who and
what i was only a short time ago that i admitted to
my self who and kinda what i am...but now to be forced to
submit in front of be laughed be
expossed be fully used by others..later..