Clouds n Sun
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2001-11-12 17:49:32 (UTC)

More of the Same

It's 11:44 a.m. on 12 Nov. 2001. I just got out of bed,
after staying up until 4 chatting on this stupid computer.
Mom's in the hospital again, so she had to cancel her
app't. with the lawyer on Saturday. Since she's been
there, I could count the words Dad's said to me on both
hands. He just doesn't talk at all. I truly believe that
one major reason Mom stays so sick all the time is because
her and Dad don't love each other, and haven't loved each
other for such a long time. I stay depressed all the
time. Sick even. All I'll do today is go to my shitty job
and then tonight when I get off, I'll probably chat on this
crazy computer. I have no life. I'm always alone. If
things don't look up for me soon, I can't make it. I
titled this diary Clouds n Sun, so far it seems like
there's a lot more clouds. One thing that is good however
is that I'll be going on first shift after Thanksgiving for
as long as I work at Insteel. I'm glad about this, but the
job is still shitty. Nobody really gives a damn about me,
anywhere in the whole world.

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