There and back again
2001-03-23 21:58:29 (UTC)

This is my first entry. Im home..

This is my first entry. Im home sick from work today with
bronchitis. This my first diary and i must a
little nervous about keeping evidence i cant easily set
fire to. Oh well. Here are the basics.

Im 22 years old, male and i live in Boston. I have a
girlfrind (katie) who i love very much. Another name that
will pop up quite a bit is Sabrina(aka Bree) cousin,
best friend and partner in crime. And lets not forget
Guido, my other cousin. (i apologize to anyone who
considers this an ethnic slur....its just a nickname)

We're supposed to be taking Sabrina out for her birthday
tomorrow night, to the Medieval Manor. I hope i can go.
Unless i feel better ill be stuck home on the couch. Im so
sick of this. I hate sitting home staring at the wall and
ive been doing it for a week now. off to get
some sleep.