Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-11-12 17:09:39 (UTC)

Arabian Farm

Heather and I went to Geneva Arabians on Saturday. The
drive was decent and the weather, wonderful! I had a really
good time, not sure about Heather. I don’t think she’s been
around that many Arabians in her life!
When we got there I noticed a door on the side of the barn.
I figured it led directly to the aisle and I was tempted to
use it but then we noticed a very beautiful door in the
midst of a wonderfully manicured lawn. We headed towards it
and weren’t disappointed when we walked in on an office
full of trophies, ribbons, video tapes of the stallions at
stud or trained at Geneva and a window the length of the
arena for viewing the horses being worked.
There were horses going around the arena under saddle as
the trainer stood at the rail shouting instructions. The
average on looker wouldn’t have noticed the slight bob or
hitch in the horse or riders stride but I can assure you,
the instructor knew. She was intent on making these teams
into the Nation Champion combos Geneva is famous for.
We walked to the ‘Halter side’ of the barn where Mike keeps
his training horses. Of course they all looked alien
because they had just come back from Nationals. Most of
them still had clipped bodies and faces so you could see
every detail of their dished heads and teacup muzzles.
It was a bit chaotic since there were children taking
lessons, clients leaving horses being bathed and dogs
underfoot but it was an organized chaos and I felt right at
home. That may have come from my years as a show groom. We
walked the aisle for a few minutes as Mike said good-bye to
the leaving clients. I noticed that most of the horses were
Egyptian Stallions with long noses and skinny necks. Comet
is Egyptian too but he has a wide jaw, short head and short
back. He is more ‘stock type’…built to ride, not stretch
like a slinky.
Mike led us down the aisle and formally introduced us to
each horse. I got to meet the Camacho’s filly by the heard
sire at Geneva. She is really pretty. I can see why Don
picked her. She will make a nice cross to F. Shah Bey when
she is older. Right now she has a shinning career as one
of the number 1 fillies in the US right now.
While we were there some other client’s came in and wanted
to look at the weanlings. Mind you, these are the top-
secret projects that will showcase next year. No one
outside the family is allowed to see these babies…unless
you ask nice or show them the money! lol SO, since we were
there and didn’t seem to pose any real threat, we were
allowed to see the babies and BOY ARE THEY CUTE! They
really are something else. We learned a lot about feeding
and supplements as well as selling and presenting in that
back barn. *EG*
Our visit closed with another trip to the office, a folder
of price lists and a video of the heard sire. Mike agreed
to meet Comet in a couple weeks when he visits the
Camacho’s farm.
My biggest fear: He will come to my barn, see Comet and
tell me to geld him. Trainers are overloaded with ‘Nice
Colts’ now a days. Everyone wants to have the next *Padron,
Bask or Huckleberry Bey. Honestly, that would be nice to
have but all I want is a nice horse that will make it in
the show ring and live up to his grandsires
accomplishments. They have their legions of merit and
supreme legions of honor and have managed to keep their
heads about them.