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2001-11-12 16:50:56 (UTC)

Honey-Bear, Eric, Rebecca, and I- Our telephone conversations

Dear Diary:

Today is Veteran's Day. Happy Veteran's Day to all
American Veterans. God Bless America and All Americans of all nationalities.

Next, Three people called me last night. Hmm, really two, I called Honey-Bear. He tried to call me but got scared. Hmm, he does not know what to make of me. I told him the best way to get to know me is in my own envirnoment. This way I can be myself.

I hate having to be something I am not.

Next, Eric called me from Philly, Pa. He is a hoot.
We go way back from last year. We met at the same place Honey-Bear, Carolann, Christina, Stephan, and I all met. Soul2Scream. A MSNTV usernet group.

Carolann, Christina, Eric, and I are still friends.
Do not know what happened to Maresa. I hope she is ok.
I do not know what happened to Karen, I hope she is ok.
I met Stephan over there. Rather he met me over there just as Honey-Bear did.

The only ones I stay in touch with now is Eric
and Carolann. Christina got religion in the wrong way.

Stephan is still on msntv. But is moving around.
I need to touch base with him.

I met some new friends over at Opendiary. One is
Naughtygirl2 though. That is what I call her.

Rebecca called me last night during my phone call
to Eric. She did nothing but whine away as usual.
Shit, that kid is so fucked up.

Don't know what to make of her. Her adoptive parents really fucked her up big time.
She can not think for herself and do for herself
and she has those adoptive parents stuck to far up her ass.
They want nothing to do with her. They told her this some years ago. I do not know what part of their conversation she did not understand.

Tomorrow I have to go pay bills, oh joy. Wednesday
I have to go downtown and pick up my metra train ticket. Thursday I have to go wash our clothes
and Friday -Sunday I will be with Honey-Bear.

Well all have a nice day.
Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne