Savage Garden
2001-11-12 15:49:35 (UTC)

My Magda!

I talked to Magda!

She's fine!

The ambulance is there and they're helping the elderly.

A elderly man just had a heart attack on the second floor.

She wants me to come get her!

I'm going to try!

I'll have to walk 'cuase I can't drive!

It'll be about a 45 minute walk, but Magda is well worth it!

She's my girl!

She was sniffling on the phone.

Me: 'You crying?'

Magda: 'No! Got dust in my eye. I'm happy you got me! I want
to come home!'

Me: 'LD to the rescue!'

Magda: 'Your not going to wear your tinker bell outfit we
fixed are you?'

Me: 'Could be good, at least I won't look like a terrorist!'

Magda: 'Shut up and come get me!'

-That was a PIECE of our conversation!

That's my girl!

So now I'm going to walk and get her!

After I change my outfit of course!