Savage Garden
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2001-11-12 15:33:22 (UTC)


Just when you start to get over something, more shit is
piled ontop of you!

Why does this have to happen !?!

I am trying so badly to get in touch with MY Magda!

She was working ast a nursing home this morning and it's
right near beach 129st, right where a plane went down!

It EXPLODED mid air.

I DO NOT think it's a coincendence...I eman 9/11/2001 at
9:15 am!

11/12/2001 at 9:15 am!

Its too fucking much to handle!

I tried to get my car to go into Rockaway, which you have to
get into by going through Howard Beach, where I live and you

They blocked us out!

I sat in my car and CRIED!

Magda is my EVEYRHING in my RL.

She's prolly helping someone.

I am so worried for her.

As I write this I'm trying to contact her cell phone!

This isn't fair!

N.Y. this and N.Y that! Why doesn't it happen anywhere else

I'm not trying to justify what happened or say it should
have happened elsewhere, I'm just asking why here all the
time ?

I guess they know we're strong and N.Y.'ers can get through

No matter how much you push us down we will ALWAYS get back

If any terrorist reads this, which I'm sure they aren't
becuase terrorist are fucking assholes that can't read, and
just know how to leash out and prey on fears of the
innocent, You'll NEVER bring us down!



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