Squeeb's world
2001-11-12 14:56:28 (UTC)


Ok, so I think I have the flu. In anycase, I'm not feeling
well at all. And it doesn't help things that I got up at 6
to go to class only to get there and find out the bloody
thing is cancelled- I hate that so much. But anyways, so
I've gone off into fantasy land again but thinking about
things that actually happened. Like when I was in grade 13
and I had the flu in February and I wanted to go to the
hockey game in Ottawa but I was told I couldn't because of
how sick I was. However the day the game rolled around, I
pretended to be better just so I could go and see my S. So I
went with his parents and his aunt. And at the end of the
game, when we went to see him, he was so touched that I went
when I was sick that he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me
on the forehead. It made me feel sooooo much better. LOL, if
he'd do that now, I think I'd be cured. So then I was
thinking of this dream I once had about him being sick with
the flu and me nursing him back to health- sweat running off
his forehead and me brushing the hair off his head... ok,
Speaking of enough- OMG! I just heard that another plane
crashed in New York! For God's sake! Anyways I think I'll go
watch CNN and see what's up.

Current mood: Sick
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