my uncertain life
2001-03-23 21:20:49 (UTC)

my life is so bad today, first..

my life is so bad today, first i study so hard for a s.s
quiz and i got a 75 and my friend who didnt even study got
like a 95 or something. my teachers give us so much
homework they think that we have nothing better to do in
our freetime than to do more school work!!!!! all my
friends have boy friends or someone that likes them except
for me because im a fat ugly dog(woof woof) there are soft
ball tryouts next week and i want to make the team so
unbelievably bad!!!!!!! my dad has a wicked temper and gets
mad over the littlest freaking things!!!! my parents love
and give my sister 14 pairs of pants and i only have like
4!!!!!! how unfair is that and whenever she doesnt do
something they automatically yell at me, u would think that
was normal if i was the older one but shes 2 years older
than i am!!! u r probaly thinking to yourself ya right sure
their mean but even my friends tell me that and it makes me
so mad, sometimes i just hate them, one time my room was a
little messy and my sisters room was a pig-stye i couldnt
go to the dance butdid she get in trouble for it?????ha ha
ha ha noooopppp!!!!never not their precious sara!! and then
a half an hour ago my dad yells at me because my sister
didnt want to put the chips away!well i wont be able to
write tomorrow because im going up north, g2g byebye!