The gnarly adventures of Stormo
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2001-11-12 12:10:01 (UTC)

It's still the same day.

It's still the same day. I didn't do much I guess. Like I
went for a ride just before. I was feeling sort of sick
because I had to eat this piece of cake my mum bought home.
I just wasn't hungry at all.
Like I had to for a couple of reasons.
#1 She was watching
#2 I feel really really guilty wasting food.
Thats why I can never become anorexic or any of that crap.
Appart form the fact that I don't want to because I know it
doesn't work. Like all that happens is they lose lots of
weight then get put into programs and have to put the
weight back on.
Unwritten Law are playing next Monday or Tuesday I think. I
should go get a ticket. I dunno who'll be going. I might
send Barney (that's not his real name, but I'll protect his
privacy) a message. I met him on the tram a few weeks ago.
he was wearing an H20 hoodie, so I started talking to him.
Turns out he lives close by.

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