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2001-11-12 11:01:36 (UTC)

Wish You Were Here

"i lay my head onto the sand, the sky resembles a back-lit
canopy with holes punched in it...i'm counting ufo's, i
signal them with my lighter, and in this moment i am

how am i supposed to feel? angels are smiling at
disappear before i can tell you anything. i look to you and
i see nothing, are we better off as friends? i feel like at
this moment you've captured me, and i never felt more free.

"i feel like i can fly..." don't try, you won't make it off
the ground. you say you've been unhappy, what does that say
for me? you refuse to explain, you shut yourself off and i
can't get through to you. i don't have words to describe
this, my mind is racing and i can't keep up with these
spinning thoughts. can i say what i want to say to you, or
will that drive you farther away? you speak so openly, you
tell me how you feel, why can't i do the same?

you remain silent. i want you to talk to me, you're half a
world away. things feel different tonight, you feel like
you've changed, but you never said so. should i assume the
worst, should i take it as black and white, should i
reassure myself or would i be mistaken?

the sun is coming up and i haven't slept yet. get out of my
head so i can sleep.

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