Borrowed Light
2001-11-12 10:38:11 (UTC)

tell me why? i dont like mondays...oooohhhhhhoooohhoooo

hehe i just remembered the title of some beetles or beach
boys or something...i did like today though, it wasnt to
bad at all.

well me and jennie migrated at morning tea. meaning we left
our lunchtime group and went elsewhere...thank god! i
really dont like the people i sit with...we now sit up on a
nice grassy patch of the school, its really shady and nice,
i actually enjoyed school today. maths wasnt even bad, me
and mickie my funniest friend chatted for the whole lesson.
we were discussing formals and all those far off fairy
tales, we actually came up with a pretty funky mode of
transport, well two actually! ok well we were thinking you
know the little trains that go around pac fair and stuff?
yep one of those with all our friends! how cool would that
be, and i have a funny notion our church owns one for the
markets they put on! so thats number one which i quite
like...then there's number two and that is to go in the bat
mobile! thats my favourite, that would be soooo cool.
me and mick will prolly end up going together, unless we
have boyfriends or girlfriends at the time..ive known him
for ages and we will probably just get mad at each other if
we steal any of our transport ideas...im talking next years
pre-formal so shush its not that far away!

some year 8 chick wanted to bash me today because i
pretended i was going out with the guy she used to like
(who is another heaps good friend of mine in year 9) and i
called her new boyfriend ugly (by accident of course) i
diditn even know them two were together! anyway then she
said "at least im not going out with someone as ugly as
him" (refering to mitch, who isnt ugly, he looks like a
young rove...im serious!) and i said "well at least i dont
have to babysit my boyfriend" and then she said "come here
and say that" then i said "what? you have a hearing
problem" then jen said "woah dude chill, she aint even
going out with him" to the other chick and dragged me away,
it was soooo funny!

hmm not much happened today really, i talked to todd online
and got a few emails, i emailed kimbo, man she is such an
inspiration to me!

guess what? jess and kel are going to china to dance with
alabaster box!!! oh my gosh huh? well gots to go watch
boston public...love that show...


"ice is cool-its water but its not"...seth green(who may i
ad im in love with)

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