Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-12 09:47:31 (UTC)

I Shit u Not......

I mean, like, there was this guy, and, like, he looked at
me, and then he turned away, and I got afraid, and then ran
away. I cried and cried and cried when I got home. Do you
think I'm stuck up?

--Teenage Angster

Mellow Drama...

Yo, today, I went to church. It was a Catholic church. I
stood when I was supposed to at first, then sat, and when
it was time to stand up again, I said to myself, awwwwww
heck, I aint standin' again, man, I'm Tired. O Holy holy
holy Lord, God is the highest....Heaven and
earth....Hosana, hosana, hosana is the highest...... Do
you understand the church? I do. I understood it so well,
that I didn't feel the need to stand and sing and kneel
when I was supposed to. I really was tired. I was burnt
out, depleted of any spiritual energy. I played Quake II
over the internet the night before. I got some major ass
whooped in some instances (theirs, not mines), and thought
what a bunch of lamers some of them were, playing with
pings under 100 (compared to my over 400), and staking a
good spot over a spawn point.....cheese-mongers!!

Lemme tell you a little about myself, I am not female, I am
not under 30, and I am not single. I like techno-punk-sci-
fi stuff, and used to dwell in numerous fantasy worlds when
I was in my late pre-teens to early teens, having read The
Hobbit when I was ten, and then moving on to the Lord of
the Rings and a daily dosage of E. Gary Gygax's Dungeons
and Dragons. My wife says that I waste too much time on
too many frivolous and idolatory pasttimes, and that being
baptized would be a good first step in my cause. I agree
with her, really, but I keep thinking that it's something
more than just what I think and what she thinks, but more
of what women think, in general, and what men think. I
tend to want to live free from responsibility and enjoy
every day to the fullest. Of course, I am pretty much
unemployed at the moment...but why spend every waking
moment in pursuit of a job when you've got all this FREE
TIME on your hands? She blames it on my childhood, how I
was given free reign by my mother.

A message to the Teenage Angster.......if you think you
have problems now honey? Wait til you get older, cuz it
never stops, ahhh hahha hah ahhah hahah ahhahahahahah ah
haa (sick laughter fades)