Evil Elvis
2001-11-12 09:06:55 (UTC)


No I haven't turned into a Slipknot fan, I just find their
sentiment suits my mood at the moment...

I'm sick of selfish people fucking up my life...I avoid
social situations with work colleagues so I don't have to
face the "AWKWARD" Monday morning thing....However, due to
a certain colleagues fanny-like behaviour I still have to
deal with it...

I'm sorry I ever get involved with some people, the
selfishness of others really does my head in!!

Everyone else was out on Friday night and Louise (a girl
from work I have previously "seen") decided she would text
and phone me constantly...I had asked her not to and asked
one of my friends to keep an eye on her as I knew it would
ruin her and everyone elses night if she got
annoyed...Which she duly did and ended up phoning me to
give me dogs abuse for not speaking to her and not wanting
her to come over to mine....

I'm sick of having to apologise to people for events that
are outwith my control, and I'm not going to anymore!!