hello kitty cat
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2001-11-12 08:28:39 (UTC)


Today I went to see Jason's band usual they were
incredible. Their bass player is drifting from the band
though..they aren't too happy..Jason doesn't know what he
wants to do as far as music..after Eighthground that
is...It's really weird cause his drummer looks a lot like
Danny from's just strange...He's reaaaaaaally good
at drums really impressive. Well then we
stopped at his house on the way home..and we had sex..and
it's's like I went Katy's that time it
seemed fine..except for the fact that we did it at
Katy's..cause that's not cool. He also asked me what would
happen if
he didn't want to have sex for a long time..with my sex
drive and
all...and I don't know...something was definitly wrong
it's like if we're really in love..then why the hell would
it be
weird???? I think I'm just in a weird
mood. How do I know what he says is true? Jason
got a speeding ticket on the way back to my house to drop
me off...he doesn't have the money for it. What is the
matter with me!?

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