Screaming Cathedrals
2001-11-12 08:19:39 (UTC)

I hate titles

I forgot to update this when it happened... but it does
need to be added in here.
A few nights ago Jon and I were leaving IHOP... we were
taking off kinda early because Jon's had some kind of flu
and was feeling pretty damn sick...
So anyway.. we go out into the parking lot and Will has
pulled up and he's got Joey and Eric in one car.. Matt in
his and J-Man in another car... And I'm thinking... "What
the hell is this all about?"
So Will asks, "Where's Ryan?" and we told him that Ryan was
inside and Will proceeded to rant about how Ryan owed him
some "fucking money and he better fucking have it or he's
going to beat his fucking ass". (great use of vocabulary, I

So Jon and I kinda wait around to make sure Ryan is okay...
and Will comes stalking out and right as he's about to get
in his car he tells Jon, "fuck you" (there's that vocab again) for
no apparent reason and I just say, "Will..." in a
dissaproving tone... and he starts going off telling me to
fuck off and all this other shit and saying he doesn't want
to "fucking" (and again) talk to me. And so I start to walk
over there telling him that he better talk to me if he's
going to flip out on me like he was.. but he jumps in his
car and starts to take off before anything of any substance
can really be said.

For someone so bent on kicking someone's ass... he sure did
take off pretty damn fast.

Though I did ask him what his problem was.. and told him I
never did a damn thing wrong to him to deserve him being a
total ass to me and yelling at everyone... and he said it
was because I was "fucking" (it gets better all the time)
Jon... and made a comment about the "fake mike" thing.

Which I don't get. Because pretty much NO ONE knew Jon
until he came down here... and from the time he came down
here until now.. he's been the exact same. Same
personality, same dress.. etc. Actually... most of the
people that talk shit about Jon... barely had one
conversation with him.. so who are they to say that he
changed to be like Mike.. in order to make that judgement
wouldn't they have had to known him just little before or
even after he "changed"? That just goes to show how full of
shit they are. I think they're just trying to come up with
the most insulting thing they can.. and comparing someone
to Mike.. that would be it! Just because they appeared to
dress similiar before Mike turned into a prep thug, doesn't
mean shit.
I'm thinking that maybe Mike's trying to blame the way "jon
dresses to be like him" on the reason he's changed his
look, when in reality... it's because he's Jackie's bitch.

So.. that was the "Will fiasco".

Ryan has a post about it in his journal as well... if
anyone cares to visit.. it's here:

Aside from that.. .this weekend was pretty good.

We went to Eugene's apartment and had Robin, her boyfriend,
Elliot, Ryan, Jon and myself over and we watched some of
the Star Wars movies... drank a bit.. and played GTA3. That
game rocks so hard core.

Oh.. another note... April is refusing to give me my cat
back because she's gotten "attached" to it.. that's aweful
Christian of her, you know... stealing one of
her "friend's" pets... and lying about saying that she
would give it back to me as soon as I got my mom to let me
take it. It wouldn't bother me half as much if she didn't
know how much that cat meant to me.. and if she didn't know
that I don't have any other animals anymore. I went from
having 30 (taking care of the animals was one of my
passions) to having a betta fish. And she has lots of cats
at her house...
Actually at first she said she didn't know if she could
take care of it because they had so many cats there
already... her whole attitude on this is pretty selfish..
but that's okay... I have 2 options that I've thought up on
how to get it back.. and I will get it back. I'm not about
to let myself get sckrewed once again by someone I made the
mistake of trusting.